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We are pleased to announce the launch of ezOutlines.com a subsidiary of IHateLawSchool.com!

ezOutlines.com is a great source for quality law school outlines, including first year school law courses such as contracts, property, civil procedure, criminal law, torts and upper level law school courses such as professional responsibility, business associations, evidence, wills and estates, administrative law, evidence and federal income tax. 

Finding the
law school outline you want on ezOutlines.com is well...easy. You can start your search here. Our search feature allows you to search for legal school outlines by course name, law school, professor, casebook, semester and year. Or, you can browse our entire collection of law school outlines all at once. Once you have selected an outline that you would like to purchase with your credits, simply place that outline in your shopping cart and complete the simple checkout process. Once you have checked out, you can immediately download your law school outlines.

ezOutlines.com also offers law students the ability to make money by
selling their law school outlines. You will receive either one (1) credit or $3.00 in cold hard cash for each outline that you upload to ezOutlines.com that is approved for use on the site. Simply submit your outlines by clicking here.

In addition to law school outlines, ezOutlines.com also provides a comprehensive source for
legal study aids, law school casebooks and commercial outlines with its Law School Study Aids resource. ezOutlines.com is proud to offer this collection of recommended law school study aids for current law school students, prospective law students taking the law school admissions test (LSAT) and for those law students who are taking the bar exam.

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