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Welcome to a new feature in which we will provide a recommended study aid each week. 

The recommended study aid for the week is Siegel's Essay & Multiple Choice Q&A Series: Torts

Having been used by tens of thousands of law students during the past decade, Siegel's Essay and Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers are designed to show you how to handle law school examination questions by utilizing one secret -- that doing practice exam questions is the key to exam success.

The reality of law school is that you can commit an entire casebook to memory and still do poorly on an exam. The students who do best understand how legal issues stem from from the rules of law which they have memorized and how to effectively communicate their analysis of these issues to the grader. Working through Siegel's essay and multiple-choice questions and answers will give you the practice you need to achieve superior scores on your law school exams.

Each essay question comes with an extensive, well-organized model answer. Every multiple-choice question comes with a detailed answer that tells you not only why the correct answer is correct, but why each of the other choices are wrong, so you can better understand why you're choosing the wrong answer.

Looking for other study aids?  Click here for the very best study aids for every course!

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