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Recently, we sent an email to all of our users announcing that will be donating 25% of all referral fees it earns from qualifying purchases made by its users on Amazon.com* to various charitable organizations in 2010.

Since this announcement, the terrible earthquake has struck Haiti.  In an effort to assist in the relief effort, we are donating 100% of all commissions received through March 31, 2010 and 25% of all commissions for the remainder of 2010 to the relief effort.

This unprecented effort allows you to help donate money to this relief effort by doing nothing more than shopping through a simple link.

In order to help participate in this effort, please paste the following link into your browser.


Once you have reached Amazon.com, simply add a bookmark to this link (through your Favorites or by clicking "CTRL" and "D") and use it each time you order from Amazon.com.

We'll provide various progress updates throughout the year.

Happy new year!

* Donations will be based upon actual qualifying sales (as reported on Amazon.com) received through the link above

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