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We’re looking for help writing federal legislation that would give every parent in America control over the money spent to educate their children.  The public education system is failing far too many children and the poorer one is, the worse it is.  Sadly, far too many of these kids have black and brown skin. 

We need your help!  End The Education Plantation (www.EndTheEducationPlantation.org) is proposing a federal law that:

 •           Requires states to fund parents, not school districts. We don’t want to dictate how the states implement this. Just that they do it.

 •           Sets a floor of at least 95% of the average total per-pupil spending by district or state that would be controlled by parents.

 We take a bottom-up, parent-driven approach. Most parents aren’t classroom experts. But they do know what’s good for their kids. By giving parents control over the money spent to educate their children, we will:

 •           Turn parents into consumers in a competitive marketplace, giving them real choice when it comes to choosing the schools their children attend.

           Force K-12 schools to compete for students, just as colleges and universities compete for students today. Poor-performing schools will either improve or go out of business. And with millions of families to serve, there will be huge incentives for educators to create new schools that will do a good job.

           Force schools to treat parents and their kids as customers. Successful schools will be the ones that do the best job of serving the needs of their customers.

True to our bottom-up approach for fixing our schools, we’re reaching out to the public and to law schools across the country and asking you to participate in a crowdsourcing project to write the legislation that will translate our goal into law.

The 21st Amendment, which repealed Prohibition, can be used as a model for education reform. It doesn’t tell the states what to do. It simply states that alcohol regulation is a state matter. Our bill should do the same thing for education.

So, I’m asking you to come up with your solution on how to give parents control over the money spent to educate their children.

We need something drafted in bill form that we can give to members of Congress to be introduced. We’ve already lined up supporters on the Hill. We simply need the final legislative language.

There are many precedents for what we’re proposing. The uniform minimum drinking age and national standards for speed limits on Interstate highways are examples of using federal legislation to encourage states to act in specific ways. There are many others.

Willing to give it a try? Go to http://endtheeducationplantation.org/draft-our-federal-legislation for more information and to submit a plain-text version of what you propose. We’ll be back in touch to talk to you about your proposal and get a formatted version from you.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with. We’re a grassroots organization. So, we can’t afford any prize money. But we’ll give you public credit for your work if we use your version... and with this comes undying fame ;-)

Feel free to give me a call or email if you have questions. And thank you in advance for your help.



John Conlin

Founder, End The Education Plantation



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