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How good are you? Last week,did you write at least $250.00 for somebody else? Is the guy who runs the room driving around in a Lexus while you ride the bus. Does your boss thank you for helping him live the lifestyle you can only dream of every day? Well he should because you that's right you make it possible for him. So why not put that money in your pocket? 
Well stop for 5 minuets and respond right now. If you have current or previous experience with HGH or any health related product specifically weight loss call immediately. We will consider other product lines. what is important is that you are confident you can consistently write business. 
It costs you no money to find out if you can use what you are doing presently or in the past to make more money for yourself. Our company has created more millionaires then any one else in the industry. We are absolutely committed to create more 6-7 figure income earners then any one else.

Look around the room you are working now or have worked in the past. Wouldn't it be nice if you could put 6% of what that gal is writing into your pocket? Think about this. Ten people writing $250.00 a week is $10,000. Your piece of the pie is $600.00 for doing nothing! Well almost nothing you have to be the quarterback of the team. This simply means encouraging people to write more, sharing suggestions and tips on how to do just that. Hands down we offer the best compensation plan in the industry.Investigate for yourself.. If you think that this is a good fit for you then call and lets get started putting cash into your pocket instead of the boss. If its not a good fit then we can at least shake hands and you can go back to struggling with dead leads,sitting net to a guy who doesn't know what a bar of soap is and buying the boss a new Lexus.

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