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Hello Readers, Gamers, Movie Goers and Shoppers,

My team would like to invite you to ShareBids.com as a BETA user.

If you enjoy Groupon, Social Living or great deals, you will find ShareBids very exciting. The difference? We offer discounts when you want it and to all product categories: discounts ranging from 50% to 99%.

Using our patent pending process, all bidders can share the cost and lower their respective bidding amounts. Bidders helping bidders in HARMONY instead of only outbidding each other. Books, music, movies, games, and everything you can think of can be experienced without the retail price tag. Sports fan? Try the latest bat, racquet, glove, etc. Our platform will make shopping so much easier and at a price you like.

Sign-up if you wish to join us and you will be kept in the loop. Please visit


We are going live June 2011 !!!
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